About this site

“Striving with Systems” comes from a prophetic poem by the Romantic English poet William Blake.

The provenance of the phrase, though, is less important now than what it implies–the urgency of our struggle against oppression that it reflects and demands. Without this striving by each of us, we cannot struggle together with the intertwined tendrils of oppression that hinder our liberation.

Our blog offers occasional excursions into important topics in our contributors’ lives. Our orientation is radical veganism, which, in the words of Christopher Sebastian McJetters, “…elevates the perspectives of marginalized persons who can speak authentically about our experiences of oppression as they relate to undoing speciesism.” We don’t post often, but we try to make it worth the wait.

The Facebook page is a wide-ranging variorum of resources, articles, and some fun things to illuminate issues of note for those of the radical vegan persuasion. Not everything will be specifically vegan in nature, but it will be (we believe) relevant and worth considering.



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