“Caregiving Is Activism: Microsanctuaries in Theory & Practice” Presentation

Hi folks, Alastor (Justin) here popping in to share a free presentation I’ll be giving on Thursday, February 10, 2022 at 6:00pm GMT/1:00 pm ET, hosted by the Radical Companionship Project in the UK.

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Caregiving Is Activism: Microsanctuaries in Theory & Practice

This presentation will explore the role of microsanctuaries as a form of vegan activism. Microsanctuaries, which can be as small as one human caregiver providing sanctuary to one rescued nonhuman, are more accessible and dynamic sanctuary spaces founded on principles of radical antispeciesism and collective liberation. We will discuss the theory of microsanctuaries in the context of antispeciesist approaches to species who aren’t commonly seen as companions, as well as the practice of rescue, caregiving, and education. We’ll also look to the future of animal liberation to discuss how microsanctuaries can fit into existing models of radical human activism such as mutual aid networks. 

About the Presenter

Alastor (Justin) Van Kleeck (they/them) has a Ph.D. in English and lives with their partner, Roz, near Chapel Hill, North Carolina. They spend most of their time working at the Triangle Chicken Advocates sanctuary, which Alastor and Roz founded in 2014, and which inspired them to start The Microsanctuary Movement together later that year. Alastor is a co-organizer of the Humane Hoax Online Conference and Chicken Webinar. They have presented at the Animal Rights National Conference, the Conscious Eating Conference, and the Humane Hoax Online Summit, and have been interviewed on podcasts such as Our Hen House, Beyond Species, The Bearded Vegans, and others. Much of Alastor’s writing is available at strivingwithsystems.com.


All times are noted in GMT. Please click here to see it in your time zone.

5:45pm — virtual doors open 

6:00pm — introduction from The Radical Companionship Project

6:10pm — presentation and q&a

7:10pm — event ends


Content Note: the presentation will discuss speciesism. 

The platform we are using (Jitsi) does not run closed captions and there will be no ASL or BSL interpreter at this time (although please contact us if you can help us change this!). The presentation will be recorded (captions may be available with the recording). A copy of the slides can be made available on request – please email at least a day in advance to receive them.

The presentation will be in English and internet access is necessary to be able to attend. Cameras and mics will be automatically off upon entry and can be turned on manually by individuals for the Q&A at the end. Please feel free to use the chat to discuss things throughout the presentation. We encourage participants to include their pronouns next to their names when joining the meeting. 

For further accessibility requests, please email radicalcompanionship@tutanota.com.

About The Radical Companionship Project

The Radical Companionship Project is a pro-animal theory, anti-speciesist study group and mutual aid network. Learn more at radicalcompanionship.com and sign up to our newsletter.


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Justin Van Kleeck

I am a vegan (since 1999), a curious skeptic, a bookworm, a nature lover, and your garden-variety neurotic. My wrestling with chaos manifests as writing and, with my wife, tending our friends the plants and spending quality time with our rescued furry kids. I am fun at parties (because I am never there) and so unique that I am easy to forget. So take that, modernity.

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